Production Diary (13.2.1, 13.2.2, 13.3.1, 13.3.2, 13.4.1, 13.6.1, 13.6.2)


Today I was given the final major project brief. My first task was to write my proposal, starting with my rationale which I found easy to do as I was mainly reflecting on my progress throughout the first 12 units. I then wrote my project concept where I explained what my project is about and what I aim to produce, I found the project concept harder to write as at this stage i’m not 100% sure on what I anticipate producing, I think linking my wordpress from previous units displayed what I had done before and that this is what I’m aiming to produce. Finally I wrote my evaluation, the only problem I faced during this was I felt like I was repeating myself from what I had said in the project concept, however I overcame this by taking away parts which were not necessary.


Whilst in college I was struggling to come up with topic ideas for my articles. Myself and Alex my tutor were scrolling through social media sites such as twitter and Facebook, then a nightclub promotion offer came up talking about bouncers – Alex suggested doing something bouncer related as we don’t often hear much about their job. I then remembered, at my work there is a regular customer that comes in and he is a bouncer and just the other day he was telling people how he had been attacked after his shift he also mentioned how hard it was being a bouncer – I thought I could make an article based on life as a bouncer. However I faced a problem which was that I only knew him from work, I didn’t know how I could contact him asking him about his job and if I could interview him as I don’t have any of his contact details. For now I will put this idea on hold and focus on research.


I have done some secondary research outlining what a multi media journalist is and how multimedia can bring extra aspects to the story. I did research on multimedia journalist because it is what I will be demonstrating in my portfolio work.

What is a multi media journalist? – Multi media journalism is the process of combining text, images, sound, videos and graphics, to tell an interesting story. Multimedia journalists often work for newspapers, radio or television stations or use computers in social media areas.

Examples of where multimedia can bring an extra dimension to a story:

  • Case studies: video or audio interviews with someone at the heart of the story: affected by the issue or working at the coalface.
  • Reaction: video or audio interview with the person responsible: capturing their attempts to explain their role.
  • Clarity: charts, maps or info graphic turning data into something that users can understand more quickly. Tools useful here include Google Charts and Gadgets (in Google Docs), Many Eyes and Tableau for charts; Tagxedo, Wordle or Many Eyes for word clouds; Google Maps and BatchGeo for maps; and for infographics.
  • Explanation: taking something complex and making it accessible to a wider audience – this might be done through a graphic, or through a video or audio interview with an expert who can explain it clearly – including a member of the team.
  • Interactivity: producing something that users can interact with. Freedive is a useful tool for doing this with spreadsheets. There are also timeline tools like Dipity and Meograph, and charts and maps can be interactive too.
  • Curation: bringing together multimedia content by users in a way that adds value.

Multi media journalists will require skills such as:

  • Picture Editing
  • Digital knowledge
  • Writing to appeal for a set target audience
  • Filming and recording videos (Know how to use a camera)
  • Interviewing
  • Researching


Luckily at work the bouncer came in and he agreed to feature in my article and to be interviewed! This is a problem solved as I wasn’t sure when I’d next see him. The interview will take place on the 20.03.17.

Today I started my article on travelling – Whilst on instagram I saw someone I follow post pictures of herself in Thailand, as I was looking through her page I found out that she was backpacking around the world, I thought it would be great to ask her questions on travelling and tips for people that may be interested in travelling and I thought the topic of travelling would appeal to my target audience of 16-25 year olds., I messaged her via instagram and am still waiting for a reply. When writing my article on travelling I found it hard to think of an angle to base it upon without making it into a blog, I thought I could interview a travel agent and find out the best places to go/ stuff related to travel. By going on the Thomas Cook help/question twitter page I was able to send them a direct message and they replied within the hour:


By doing this I not only learnt more information/ tips I could use for my article I also found out I am able to go into the Thomas cook store and ask the travel agent more in depth questions, meaning I would have more for my article. I think social media nowadays makes tasks much easier and faster – if I had emailed Thomas Cook they may not have replied as quick as replying via social media.


Today I decided to do my photojournalistic piece on media city – I had taken many pictures of the stunning buildings on my recent visit. I found it difficult at first to think of a photojournalism piece that would interest my target audience – I think the eye catching buildings in Media City would appeal to my target audience.


Today I was meeting up with a bouncer for my article ‘Life in the eyes of a bouncer’. Originally I wanted to make a media package for this, however he did not want to be filmed which meant I couldn’t make a media package. When I got there I asked the interviewee if I could record the interview via a voice memo app which comes with my iPhone- this would save me having to write down everything and also to ensure I don’t miss out anything the interviewee said – the interviewee allowed me to record his voice as long as I didn’t post it anywhere. He mentioned that it was okay for me to use his name in the piece, he just didn’t want to be on camera talking about personal incidents. Overall I think the interview went well – the interviewee answered my questions and didn’t wonder off topic and talked a lot about his experience with being a bouncer and told stories which are always appealing to readers.

For next time I think I could improve by asking the interviewee if he was okay with me recording him as I just assumed he would be, I would have saved time if I knew  beforehand. I now need to listen back to the interview and then write up my article. By doing this interview it really opened my eyes and taught me how hard working as a bouncer can be and how scary the job is.


I began writing my article ‘Life in the eyes of a bouncer’ and after listening to the interview which I recorded on my phone I was disappointed as the sound quality wasn’t great and I struggled to hear some parts of the recording, however I could hear most of the parts I needed. I’ve learnt from this and in future I will make sure I keep my phone very still and closer to the interviewee – I could also write some of the answers down.

After my visit to the Thomas Cook store I felt very pleased with the answers I got. I was able to take down the travel agents name and age – with Katie’s permission. I asked questions based around best places to visit. I asked:

  • Where to travel if you want to see culture.
  • Where to travel if you want to educate yourself on religion.
  • Where to go if you want to chill and relax.

I think I asked the right amount of questions and got enough information for my article – Due to my target audience being young I didn’t want to include too much writing on one topic as they may get bored and it could make my article seem dull. I think to improve my article I could try get more specific places rather than countries.


With a reply on instagram from Rosa the 24 year old who is currently backpacking around the world, I decided to focus the second part of my article on the vital items to take when backpacking. I think for my target audience, focusing on one topic makes the readers more intrigued which then makes them want to read it and find out.

Through instagram message I asked Rosa my questions which were:

  • How much do you need to take when travelling.
  • What are the vital items to take when backpacking.
  • What shoes would you advise to take?

I think Rosa answered the questions I asked very well – she answered the questions bang one, I think to further improve I could have asked Rosa more questions and found out more, but due to the word count I decided to keep it short yet still informative. Below is Rosa’s reply:



Rosa let me use a picture she had taken whilst travelling for my article and also sent me a picture of the jungle hut she had been staying in – which I also included in my article.

Rosa’s instagram:



Today I conducted an interview with a friend of a friend for my article on the risks of using fake IDs. I knew that the interviewee was young which meant I wanted her to feel comfortable and not embarrassed during the interview. With my interviewee’s permission – I recorded the interview carefully via voice memos on my phone. I also wrote down the important parts of her answers as well as recording to ensure I captured everything she said – As this was a problem I faced after my bouncer article where I encountered problems with the sound quality after the interview and hadn’t wrote the answers down.

Courtney also let me use a picture of her false ID she had previously been using (with permission of the actual girl in the driving license as Courtney knew her) and compare it to a picture of herself she had taken just for my article in order to give the readers a visual representation of how she looks in person compared to the ID. I think that this appeal to my target audience of 16-25 year olds due to the rise in number of fake IDs being used and I think a topic like this will interest younger people.

From research today, I learnt that snap chat has 166 million daily active users. I also learnt the serious risks people can face if using a false ID. The source included statistics which were reliable and very imformative.

I felt that the interview went well and I got very honest answers from Courtney – which I think will grab the readers attention. I think in order to improve my article on fake IDs I could have added another interview – Maybe Courtney’s parents or door staff at night clubs checking IDs. I found a useful website – I thought this source was quite reliable and also it was only a recently posted making the story more reliable.


From a lot of time spent looking at what most youngsters were doing this summer – I found out that many were going on either ‘Lads’ or ‘Girls’ holidays to party islands such as Ibiza, Ayia Napa and Magaluf. I think with places such as Ayia Napa being talked about so much and a popular destination for young adults – this would be a great topic for my article as I know it will appeal to my target audience. I know need to think about who I could interview for this. After coming across a worker reps page on face book – I saw a girl post that she had worked in Ayia Napa before and was going back this year. I messaged her to se if she could help inform me about Ayia Napa and what young adults can do there:



Today I thought of an idea for on of my multi media packages. I came across this idea through Facebook when an add popped up for Jump Inc. – offering discount on tickets for students. I think this would be a great idea and would appeal to my target audience as Jump Inc. is a fun place and I would be able to record some colourful and vibrant videos due all the colours inside Jump Inc.Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 14.20.35.png


Unfortunately  I recently broke my foot – I am worried that this will set me back and make me fall behind due my inability to walk. I am unable to get to college and may be unable to meet with people for future interviews. Due to my injury I won’t be able to make my multi media package on Jump Inc. as I wouldn’t be able to get there let alone go on the trampolines for filming. However I have learnt that I need to think positively and come up with new ideas that don’t require much travelling around.

Also due to my injury I have decided to do another written feature rather than a podcast as I can’t go much places and meet many people to interview/ record.


With a reply from the girl I messaged via Facebook regarding Ayia Napa – She agreed I could use her full name and age in my article and also said she would be more than happy to answer some prepared questions I had. These were the questions I asked my interviewee:

  1. What is so good about Ayia Napa?
  2. What is there to do at night there?
  3. What can you do during the day?
  4. How much money will you need?
  5. Where should you eat?

I asked my interviewee all these questions as I wanted to make sure I covered key points/ questions the readers might want to know – Holly’s replies were long and went into a lot of detail, which made me confident in that she knew what she was talking about – However sometimes I felt the interviewee went too much into detail and went off subject in some answers. I also found that some of her answers had spelling mistakes in which meant I had to correct them all. I will further improve my article by re reading it for mistakes and maybe add further information and carry on with research.


As I wanted to further improve my article on Ayia Napa I thought I would be a good idea to include a small interview/ quote from what a parent has said about how she feels with her daughter going to a party island – I think this will attract the target audience too as they may want to read what  a parent thinks to their child going on a holiday alone. I was able to interview one of my friends mums – I conducted the interview in person and wrote down what she had said as there wasn’t much.


Website Design Research:

IMG_1806 (1).jpg

Cosmopolitan is a online magazine that I love, I think they layout is amazing yet simple and easy to read – I think how it is not overcrowded with advertisements like a lot of print magazines and webzines are. I like the fonts they use and think they use colours to catch the readers attention. The page is not over crowded with lots of things going on and there is not too much to read at once which makes the webzine look neat. By having videos and audio on their page gives webzines an advantage over print magazines as they are unable to include videos, making webzines more exciting as well as cheaper. Another great feature the webzine has is the social media section which will take you straight to the social media page if you click on the link this allows the audience to become involved through social media and they can then subscribe to their page to see updates/ news.


I was struggling to think of an idea for my last story – I had ideas to do something based around the power of social media and how much it can affect everyone that uses it but couldn’t think of a main topic to write about. After hearing about the tragic Manchester incident and reading so many things related to it I decide to make an article on how well Manchester stuck together – aiming to put positivity out there and overall make my readers feel positive. I found out so much information through twitter which inspired me to write about #roomformanchester, I also discovered that a missing person was found through social media on the night.

I then found out that a family friend was at the concert with her daughter – I decided to send her a message:


The next day  – I had a call from Josephine so I mentioned I was writing an article about how England came together despite the terrible things happening she mentioned that she would be more than happy to tell me what happened on the night and for me to include her in my piece. Josephine also agreed that I could quote her in my article and use her full name.

Because the interview was so unexpected I felt really unprepared – However I managed to record the phone call via my Ipad and then play it back and further write up and quote what I had been told.

From research I managed to find out just how powerful social media can be. Below shows an amount of £45,280 was raised via people on social media for a homeless man due to his heroic actions on the night. This was valid information making it a reliable source.

The target was only £300:



Today I began research for my video on based on co parenting. I looked at charts and statistics prior to single parenting and co parenting. I found out that in 2014 women accounted for the 91% of lone parents with dependant children.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 12.49.12.pngFrom this chart I learn that it is quite old seen as it was taken from 2004 – 2014 however it shows that in 2014 the amount of lone parents had gone up.

“Figure 1 shows that the most common family type in the UK in 2014 was a married or civil partner couple family without dependent children. There were 7.8 million such families in 2014. The next most common family type was a married or civil partner couple family with dependent children, of which there were 4.8 million in 2014.” Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 11.05.45.png

This chart reveals that less than 1% of dependent children lived in civil partner or same sex cohabiting couple families in 2014. Therefore the percentages are too small to be shown.

The questions I asked my interviewee were:

  • What’s it like being a co parent.
  • Whats the best part of being a co parent.

As my interviewee developed a lot on each question I decided to just leave it at 2 questions and then add statistics in the middle.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 13.00.51.png

I used iMovie to create my video as I had used this before so had a clear understanding of how to use it. I added transitions in order to make my video look nicer and entertain the audience. I think I did well by adding music into sections as this will grab the readers attention and over make my video less dull and boring. I think I could have videoed a lot more for this video and I felt like it was rushed. I also faced a major technical difficulty as the interview wouldn’t upload it to iMovie. The interview kept saying ‘can not move this file’ I wasted a lot of time trying to get the video to upload – however eventually  it worked and I was able to upload my video to iMovie. I then put my video on Youtube.


I decided to do my video on the general election as I think that this will have interest to my target audience due to the rise in younger people voting. I think that is so important young people vote and have a say in their future! For my video I asked young adults who they’re voting for and to give reasons why. The first interviewee was amazing at answering questions – She was very strong for labour and had some very interesting points – she wrote down her answers so she wouldn’t forget during the interview and could remind herself. My second interviewee said she was voting for conservatives – I felt like she hadn’t thought much about her vote and when I asked why she was voting them I felt she didn’t really know why herself and went off topic. However I wanted to have mixed opinions in my video.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 13.19.48.png

Again I made my movie on iMovie as I feel confident making them on here as I know how to use the features. I added pictures into my iMovie of signs outside peoples houses to tell the reader the importance of voting and having your say. I think next time I will record my interview not near a busy road as you can hear the traffic in the background. I then added footage of the polling station – I did this to show young people that it is easy to vote and there are many polling stations near your house.



Now I have completed all my articles, I have now uploaded them all onto my website and added images to go with my articles to make them look more appealing to the audience. I now need to gather feedback from my website. I have done this by creating a survey on survey monkey which I sent to a few of my friends who are aged 16-25 – This will feedback will help me have a clear understanding of what people think to my article.


Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 14.53.03.png

Here I asked if the readers thought the pictures went well with my articles – I was happy with these results as all 3 answers said yes. I then asked if they thought the articles were written well, again all three answered yes.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 14.52.53.png


Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 14.52.35.pngNext, was “Which article appeals most to 16-25 year olds” and two of my voters answered with the one to do with fake IDs – I think due to the target audience being aged 16-25 and going down town is very popular. However I did expect this result to be the Ayia Napa article as I learnt from research that its what all the teens were talking about – If more people had taken my survey the answers may have been different.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 14.51.37.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 14.51.09.png

From looking at both these results I have taken note of the feedback given to me. One of my questions reads “if you could change one thing about my website what would it be and why” The top answer mentions I should categories things as they found it hard to find stuff – From this feed back I will take another look at my website in order to make things easier for my audience when using my website. Another comment suggests to add more colour to the website – However I think my article is already quite colourful, but I will take into account what my audience feedback has said.


Overall I felt like the planning of my website was structured well and I knew exactly what I was doing and what I needed to do. I learnt from my mistakes and overcame problems I faced – such as needing more research/ having difficulty using iMovie and getting my videos on there. I also worked around my injury which I found was difficult.

When writing a new article I made sure I researched information regarding the topic and educated myself, as I could then produce better content. I think that the articles I produced all appealed to the target audience and so did the website. I know this because I wrote in a particular way to attract younger people and chose topics that I also think would attract younger people. From doing the survey I found out that people liked my pictures and thought my articles were well written. However I also received some constructive criticism which helped me change my website to fit the audiences needs – such as making it easier to navigate around my site.

During interviewees I think I remained very professional and thought of some great questions which would appeal to my target audience. I also think my articles are of publishable quality as I read through each piece over and over to ensure the quality was high and that there was no grammar/ spelling mistakes.


  • Sophie Partlow – 07795579858
  • Marianna Matti – 07861758599
  • Melanie Turner –
  • Holly Brook –
  • Julie Raynolds -07577350363
  • Katie Simpkins – 07983724095
  • Rosa De Julia – 07578395843
  • Josephine Smith –
  • Courtney Emson –
  • Mo Ali –








Photo Journalism.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The breath-taking media city which is located in Manchester. Media city is home to BBC North, ITV, Coronation Street and the University of Salford.

Many college students visit Media city on trips. I recently visited and learnt so about what goes on inside the studios – I learnt about all the different types of props they used just for sound effects, for example a pair of rubber gloves tied together for a flock of birds or to make a sound of boiling water, someone would blow slowly through a straw into a glass of water.

The buildings are stunning and all very modern looking. Media City has beautiful gardens with art scattered around – making it a wonderful place to sit outdoors and relax.




Co parenting – Video


The difficulties co parents face. In 2014 women accounted for the 91% of lone parents with dependant children.

The First chart reveals that less than 1% of dependent children lived in civil partner or same sex cohabiting couple families in 2014. Therefore the percentages are too small to be shown.

Whereas the second chart shows the difference between all the family types in the UK. In 2014 it shows there was 2 million lone parents with a dependant child.

Melanie Turner (46) works as an assistant head at Seven Hills. Melanie is also a co parent – this means Melanie and her Ex husband both take on the role of parenting their 6 year old son.

Melanie said “Being a co parent is really really difficult because theres a lot of sharing, juggling and compromising.”





If you’re 18+ you are able to vote in The general Election which is on the 8th of June it is so important to vote and have a say in your future!

The two main parties are Labour and the conservatives – The video includes two students talking about who they are voting for and why.

Marianna Matti (18), a full time student from Sheffield said: “voting conservatives will be for the best” When asked about terrorism and how voting conservatives will make it better, Marianna replied “I don’t see how labour will make it better as Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t really know the figures that he has for tuition fees.”

Sophie Partlow (19) a A level student from Sheffield includes strong points as to why she’s voting labour.

My website:

Summer Holiday ideas for 18+ – Ayia Napa

If you’re young and love to party – where better to spend your summer holiday than Ayia Napa! Words can’t even describe the madness of Napa. It is one of the biggest party islands in Europe with so much going on. The night life is infamous and there is so much to do!

If this is your first time going to Napa or any party resort you really don’t know what to expect and there’s a lot you need to know!

Holly Brook (20) from Doncaster worked in Ayia Napa last year as a rep – This year she is heading back to work in a bar for the whole summer.

“I mean there is so much to do out there – I’d 100% recommend going to the Kandi beach party – it’s mad. You can go to foam/paint/ boat parties or you could just chill out and have cocktails in quirky bars. Nightclubs are open until 7am there is literally always something to do. There are so many day activities too such as visiting the waterpark, taking strolls to the beach and even cliff jumping. If you really want to explore Ayia Napa you can rent quads, just make sure you wear the helmet otherwise the local police can give you a pricey fine.”

“Knowing how much money you will need is important! Drinks are very cheap, you can spend 10 euros and drink as much as you want for an hour in most bars. Entry to clubs is usually around 5 euros or free. Or you can buy wristbands which give you an event every night and free entry to most clubs however these can be pricey and seem pointless. I’d recommend taking around 300-400 euros with you”. Holly said when asked how much money you would need for the week.

Holly suggested that you should always eat out rather than your hotel – she said:

“Paying for breakfast in your hotel is a bad idea as most of the time you’ll just be going to sleep when breakfast starts, or too hung-over and miss it! There’s plenty of cafes serving breakfast all day which are cheap too. I would also advise you to eat out instead of your hotel as it gives you more variety and gives you time to explore Ayia Napa!”.

Telling your parents you’re going on a holiday to Ayia Napa isn’t the easiest of things – Be prepared for an influx of questions; how are you going to afford it? Who are you going with? The most important thing is to reassure them you’ll stay safe and text them everyday.

Julie Raynolds (55) a primary school teacher from Sheffield is letting her daughter go to Ayia Napa this summer.

“It is her first holiday by herself and I am worried, however I trust her and I trust that all the girls going will look after each other. I know she will be sensible and she has promised to text/ call me everyday.”



Travellers Guide

Life is too short not to explore the world. Why not travel – See things you never imagined, meet people and cultures from all over the world and make memories you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Firstly I’d start by planning a route, planning your journey can help you to know what to take and how much money you’ll be needing, unless you’re a go-with-the flow kind of person and will happily end up anywhere in the world.

Katie Simpkins (29) a travel agent for Thomas Cook spends her days looking for the best holidays to suit her clients. From backpacking around the world for 2 years and being a travel agent for 5 years, Katie claims to know a lot about travelling and the best places to go – depending on what you’re wanting to do/ see.

When asked questions on the best places to travel, Katie said: “The cities of Europe are amazing to visit places like Rome, Paris, Krakow, St Petersburg, Berlin and Venice – However they are very pricey”.

“If you’re wanting to see culture I’d advise going to places such as India, Ghana, Bolivia/ Philippines”. “If you’re wanting to visit centres of the world and learn about religion I’d advise places like Rome, Israel, Punjab/ Varanasi in India”. “The best beaches are in places such as Jamaica, Cuba, Thailand and Australia.”

Before you go backpacking you need to give consideration to important things such as insurance, making sure you have insurance that will cover you in the places you’re traveling to and will last the length of time you’re away. You need to sort your plane tickets out and either get a round the world ticket, which means date changes are normally free or pretty cheap, however you are usually limited to 12 months to complete your travels. Or you can book separate tickets yourself which means there is no need to plan in advance, this also gives you a huge amount of freedom, however will require more time and planning and will likely end up costing you more money.

Rosa de Julia (24) is a Spanish exchange student who recently finished her uni degree  and decided to go travelling. Rosa is currently living in a jungle hut in Thailand, and has spent the past 1 year and 3 months backpacking around the world. If you are planning to travel for a long time it is vital you know what you need to take.

Rosa mentions: “Well, I made the mistake of over packing – you really don’t need much when travelling. Deffo travel light as you want to carry as little as you can –  plus you can always buy stuff along the way!”

“If you have something to keep you warm, a waterproof, a light/ compact umbrella, a hat, sun cream and a medical kit you should be fine!”

“For footwear I’d advise you to just take a pair of trainers and flip-flops – that’s all I’ve needed, I guess it depends where you’re traveling too though.”


Manchester sticking together.

“This was among the worst terrorist incidents we have ever experienced in the UK.”

On the 22nd of may a terrifying suicide bomb attack took place at the Ariana Grande concert where 22 parents, children and teenagers lost their lives and 119 were injured. Many people were left traumatised and helpless, however with the help of social media the UK came together to help those in need. The hash tag #roomformanchester immediately started trending on twitter as the news of the attack got out and hundreds of people were offering places to stay and shelter for those affected in the attack as many couldn’t get home and were stranded in Manchester.


Taxi drivers were offering free lifts to those who needed to get home. Many children were missing due to being split up from their parents as the explosion happened. Friends and family members shared pictures of their missing loved ones via social media desperately trying to see if anyone had seen them or knew their whereabouts. Some children were kept safe in cafes, shops and holiday and premier inns waiting to be reunited with their parents – The numbers of places keeping children safe were repeatedly posted around social media –



Josephine Smith, 54, a social worker from Manchester was at the concert with her daughter and friend both aged 16.

“It was terrifying. We were nowhere near the attack but we were still inside the concert when it happened. As soon as word got out that it was a bomb it was just chaos, everyone was running around panicking scared for their lives. I made sure my daughter and her friend were by my side and we tried to stay calm, I saw that a girl was by herself, she was crying and shouting for her mum, I told her to come with us to safety. When we were out the arena we went to the premier inn which was packed with stranded families and lost teenagers on their own. Luckily the girl with us got in contact with her mum and was reunited.”

A homeless man appeared on ITV news after the bombing took place. The man spoke about pulling nails out of young children’s arms/ faces. The man was labelled a hero, and due to his kind and selfless support – Many people wanted to raise money for the homeless man to help him like he helped the victims of the attack. The target was £300 and amazingly in 2 weeks over £45.000 was raised for the man.





Fake IDs

The amount of underage teenagers being able to access/ buy an ID and then use it to go down is increasing and this is putting teenagers at so many risks they may be unaware of themselves. If you use an ID which isn’t you and you get caught, the police can treat it as identification fraud – which isn’t something you want to have on your record when applying for future jobs.

Courtney Emson (17) is a sixth form student from Sheffield who started going down town when she was just 16 years old. Courtney claims to have bought a fake ID from a friend who was selling it via Snapchat – which is a popular social media app used by many youngsters and has 166 million daily active users.

Courtney bought her ID for £30 – which is fairly cheap, some teens will pay up to £70 for an ID.

“IDs are so easy to get your hands on, people my age find them and then sell them on if the picture doesn’t look like yourself or anyone you know. When people turn 18 they then sell down their fake ID which they no longer need its just an on-going cycle.” Courtney replied when asked how easy it was to get a false ID.

We ask ourselves how do the bouncers/ door security let them in? Surely the youths don’t look old enough let alone getting in with a picture that looks nothing like them.

“Its so easy to get away with, when I was 16 I was using an ID that said I was 23 and not one bouncer ever questioned me, I think it depends which clubs you go to though. It is hard for me when most of my friends are 18 and going to town, I feel left out, I want to be with them having fun.”

Courtney recently learnt the risks of using an ID which isn’t you, when she got caught out by a bouncer.

“I handed my ID to the bouncer and he said this isn’t you, I didn’t know what to do or say I just froze he took my ID off me and handed me with a slip. I then had to get home by myself as my friends had left me to go into the club.”

The bouncer issued Courtney with a slip which is pictured below:



The slip directs you to which then teaches you about the risks of using a false ID. In some cases, if you are caught using someone’s ID without consent it can be treated at a stolen identity and you can get 6 months imprisonment.

“I didn’t know how much of a risk I was taking when using a false ID, now I will definitely wait until my 18th.”

Below shows the ID Courtney used and got away with and a picture of Courtney dolled up ready to hit the town:




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