07.03.16 –

For my rationale I had to reflect on my progress and achievements from the 7 units, I have spoke about my skills I have gained from photography and my understanding on how to use Indesign and photoshop. I think my only problem is having too much to write so therefore I had to shorten it down to fit within the 100 word limit.

10.03.16 –

I then began my Project Concept which was difficult to fit in 200 words, which made it hard for me as once I had finished writing it I then had to cut 50 words out as I was over the 200 words. For my project concept I have summed up in 200 words the concept of my FMP and my aims. After writing  my project concept I wrote my evaluation, however there was an issue as originally it stated that it must be 150 words, so after writing my evaluation my tutor then told me that there had been a typing error and the evaluation should only be 50 words, this was frustrating to me as I felt like I needed to write more than 150 never mind just 50! However I over came this by cutting out unnecessary sentences/ words and eventually got it down to 5o.

15.03.16 –

I began my research portfolio today, I used primary and secondary sources, where I gathered loads of information from the internet and also included stuff like layout and design ideas or the genre of the magazine. I began writing down all the stuff I knew and what I thought was the easiest so I could tick it off as I went along. These included, Genre (fashion & beauty) Audience (teenage girls) and Software (InDesign & Photoshop). I then moved onto my layout and design ideas, which included screen shots of a magazine double page spreads & front covers I found. I felt I did well explaining what I liked about these design ideas as I gave many reasons why I liked the design, I also found colour schemes which I have in mind for my magazine front cover (black and white). I then uploaded one of my moodboards of four fashion magazine front covers I liked and I had annotated it pointing out the codes and conventions of these magazine front covers.

One thing I did well was expand on what I liked about the images including how the model’s outfit matches the colour scheme. My area for improvement is to focus on one front cover/ double page spread and annotate it instead of doing four at the same time. From making my research portfolio I learnt and came up with many ideas for my magazine, which helped me to gather a clearer/ advanced overall double page spread and front cover for my magazines, which overall made me more confident about my outcome of my magazine. What I need to do now to move on to the more complex things my portfolio need to include, such as topic research, production techniques and constraints.

20.03.16 –

Today I decided exactly what I wanted to do, this was summer fashion and beauty hacks/ tips. One of my close friends is a makeup artist and she’d agreed to do an interview with me sharing her best hacks/ tips on makeup.

22.03.16 –

I booked the photography studio today for 10am – 1pm on the 10.04.16. To take some test shots of my model, to get an idea of what sort of photograph I want. I contacted a friend I will use for my model before booking the studio in order to arrange a suitable date and time that fit besot for both of us. As my model is over 16 I don’t need parental confirmation to take pictures of my model. I research 2016 summer fashion trends and found out that ‘Off the shoulder crop tops’ were a top summer trend this year, so I wanted to my model to wear one for the shoot.

01.04.16 –

I completed a lot of research today analysing codes and conventions to a ELLE magazine, the colour scheme hot pink & black used in this ELLE front cover is something i’d really like my front cover or double page spreads to look like as it looks striking and eye catching. I learnt about the use of direct address and this is something I also want to include in one of my articles as it allows you to connect to the reader, which is enticing.  I then began to look at two more ELLE magazines and also annotated them, the use of vibrant, bright colours looked amazing and was also something I want to include I my magazine, I want to have bright vibrant summer colours throughout the whole of my magazines, this is because I feel like if you have bright colours the mood of the reader will be more uplifted and happy rather than dull boring colours, which would make the reader bored/ miserable. I have learnt that to make a magazine front cover more perfect you can distinguish whether a picture is airbrushed or not by looking at the whites of their eyes or their teeth.

10.04.16 –

Today I did my photo shoot with my model, which went really well. At first I had some difficulties getting used to the camera as I wasn’t used to using a professional camera, however after asking my tutor questions I then felt confident  enough to start my shoot. My model tried out many different poses and I tried out different angles with the camera and decided to take different shots such as closeups, long shots and medium shots. After many shots in the studio I felt like the pictures weren’t summery enough so we decided to leave the studio and head outside, luckily it was a really sunny day! The background was fantastic as there were trees, flowers and nature surrounding my model. Our only issue was other students walking past meaning they were in the background of some of my shots, however this only happened on a few occasions and I could easily cut the students out using the ‘cropping tool’ on Indesign.

13.04.16 –

Before beginning my production I needed to carry out one last bit of research which was learning Indesign techniques. I decided to watch a short video on YouTube which was really useful as I learnt things such as removing blemishes from peoples face and creating text boxes in different shapes. I also carried out more primary research looking at other magazines such as cosmopolitan and learning about how many readers they have (16,823,000) I looked on the National Readership Survey and found out many interesting facts/ figures about the GB adults who consume magazines.

22.04.16 –

After a few more days of completing more research I had finally created my front cover, which I was really proud of. The only thing that didn’t go well was the place of my cover lines, as I felt like they looked like they had been randomly placed there, they were also not very easy to see/ read due to the bright background. However my title and sub heading looked really good, as I really liked my font ‘paintypaint’. Now I can begin my first double page spread.

02.05.16 –

I began my first double page spread which was an article on ’10 beauty mistakes you didn’t realise you were making’ here I decided to add direct address in order to grab the readers attention straightaway. I think the colour scheme and fonts worked well in this double page spread to fit with its target audience of mainly females aged 16-24. However whilst creating my I came across an issue which was when I tried adding a symbol/ punctuation the font would turn into a black rectangle box, I over came this issue buy not adding nay punctuation/ symbols. I now needed to add all the ‘beauty mistakes’ into my article and number them 1-10.

09.05.16 –

After completing my first double page spread I was feeling very confident in starting my next article, which was the summer fashion trends and the interview with Charlotte. I needed to contact my friend (Charlotte the makeup artist) and arrange to meet and do the interview.

13.05.16 – 

Today I met with my friend Charlotte a makeup artist and did a interview with her about her best makeup hacks, this went really well as Charlotte is a confident, chatty and bubbly person she is also passionate about makeup/ beauty so she knew exactly what she was talking about and had amazing hacks/ tips which actually made me learn a few things about makeup, which overall made the interview flow smoothly.

20.05.16 –

I began my second double page spread today which was firstly about 2016 summer fashion trends, which included the ‘Off the shoulder crop top’ which I then had an image of my model wearing one. I decided to have a pale pink background, keeping it simple and then had black writing and blue writing for my interview questions. To structure each question and answer I decided to draw a frame around each one, making it look a lot more neat and professional. I could then start to type up my ‘exclusive’ interview with Charlotte. I think overall all my designs look good and I am proud of them, I feel like I could have added something onto the second double page spread to make it look more appealing. I now need to focus on writing my evaluation.

04.06.16 –

The due date is in 6 days I feel confident that everything will be done on time, I now need to read over my work to look for any spelling mistakes or any typing errors. I also have half of my evaluation to finish. I feel like there is nothing else I need to reflect on.