During your time at university, you’ll probably come down with a case of the “freshers flu” here is a guide on how to survive freshers flu:

Firstly, Freshers flu is caused by many things combined together, including: lack of sleep which is bound to happen due to events happening every night, which you obviously cant afford to miss. Alcohol also causes freshers flu, so try take it steady. Meeting loads of new people may also cause freshers flu as some may be carrying viruses which you are not immune from. Isabelle, 19, a uni student from Sheffield, shared her experience of coming down with ‘freshers flu’ she explains “I went out 3 nights in a row, and have never felt so ill waking up the fourth morning, however after catching up on sleep and forcing myself to eat healthy I felt a lot better”.

So how do you know you’re coming down with the dreaded ‘freshers flu’? Well the most common freshers’ flu symptoms include shivering, sneezing, headaches, fever and a dry cough – All big turn offs if you’re looking for love during freshers week.

Now, most importantly how do you survive the freshers flu? First tip – Eat healthy, now we’re not telling you to only eat veg and fruit, but at least have a smoothie with your chips ensuing you get lots of vitamin C! Secondly, you need loads of sleep! Taking a night off clubbing will do you wonders. Now in order to flush all the alcohol out your system you’re going to need to drink plenty of water! If you someone who went all out at freshers and none of these tips seem to be working, you can always count on a few paracetamol to make the symptoms more bearable. One student nearly didn’t survive freshers flu! James, 19 a sport student from Sheffield ended up in hospital during freshers week! He says, “I usually go quite steady with my drinking on a night out, however during freshers you’ve got to be careful as I got spiked and ended up in hospital! So I would suggest you not to leave your drink”.