Ever get that feeling after you’ve finished a TV show that has had you hooked for weeks, asking yourself ‘what am I going to do now?’. Here’s the best TV shows of all time, so you don’t need to spend hours looking for something decent to watch.

Game of thrones. The series is based on a novel about a fantasy world where royal houses battle for the iron throne. There are currently 6 seasons and you can watch it on amazon instant video. Jump on the hype because EVERYONE is hooked on the series! Ellie Shaw, 18, a sixth form student at All Saints, says “I have read the books and am currently watching season 5 and can honestly say it is the best TV show i have ever seen! There is always something happening – you cannot get bored when watching”.

Prison break is a US adventure series which takes you inside the prison break world like never before – It follows a man on a mission to break his brother out of prison as he is sent down for a murder he did not commit. There are 4 dramatic series and can be watched on Netflix.

Orange is the new black is an extremely popular comedy/ drama series which follows Piper Chapman as she is sent into prison after being caught with a suitcase of a drug dealer’s money. Orange is the new black also has 4 series and can be watched on Netflix. Sophie Partlow, 18, a sixth form student from Handsworth says “When watching Orange is the new black you actually feel like you’re in the prison too! ITs hilarious, and full of drama, definitely worth a watch”.

Stranger Things has recently become really popular on social media – The fantasy is based on a young boy that goes missing, while his family and friends must confront terrifying forces to get him back and a strange girl named ’11’ who has incredible powers. There are only 2 seasons currently out and can be watched on Netflix. Bradley Hayes, 44, a mechanic from Stocksbridge tells us “It was a lot scarier than I thought it would be, but is definitely strange! The series is well put together and I can’t wait for the next one”.