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An icy blue summer sky behind a silhouette of bare tree branches in Sheffield, Graves park.


A fairly sunny day in San Francisco, The bridge so long it fades into the distance.


Las Vegas filled with bright lights, thousands of cars and pedestrians, proved to be the city that never sleeps.


For my review I decided to write a review and my opinion of 2 of my favourite make-up products I use.

The first product I use on a daily basis is the MAC ‘Pro Longwear’ Foundation which is priced at £25.50 for a 30ml bottle, they have a wide range of shades so you are sure to find the right shade for yourself.

I find that this foundation is perfect for my dry skin as it is moisturising and leaves a smooth, glowing finish. At first I didn’t have a clue what shade I’d be so I went into a MAC store and the shop assistance found the right colour for me in matter of minutes! Its my favourite foundation ever, and seems to last all day without looking patchy.

The second product I use on a daily basis is the ‘Brow zings’ Benefit brow shaping kit, priced at £24.50, which seems pricey but I do not regret spending that on my brows! The kit doesn’t only last over a year and a half it has made me become more confident on my appearance as I hate my natural eyebrows as they are too light making them unnoticeable. There are 3 shades you can buy: Light, Medium and Deep. I go for the ‘Medium’ shade as I find it the perfect colour for my brows due to my hair being a dark blonde. Browzings is the no.1 selling eyebrow product in the UK for the last 5 years! I read many reviews online to find out other peoples opinions on the kit and found out that on the benefit website 4.6 out of 5 gave it a 5 star rating – the majority explaining how the kit is easy to use, good quality and long lasting. There are many ways on learning how to apply the product, for example YouTube step-to-step, in store advice etc.


Make your life easier with these makeup hacks:


  • MASCARA.jpgThere is nothing more frustrating than being in a rush and realising you’ve ran out of eyeliner – Stress no more! Simply dip your eyeliner brush in your mascara and apply as normal! It looks exactly the same as it would if used eyeliner, and is also easily removed with a wipe or makeup remover.


  • 37fb9ff0f6460e5f3708f8fdd5fa0695.jpgEvery woman wants a lipstick that lasts all day which isn’t ridiculously priced. The smudged, worn off look isn’t really that attractive – So here’s a top tip to keep your lips looking flawless with all day lasting lipstick. After you have applied your chosen lip colour, just hold a tissue over your lips lightly and dust just a bit of translucent powder over the tissue. This helps to set the lipstick so that it lasts longer!


  • images.jpgWant longer, fuller lashes for £1? No annoying false lashes. No pricy mascaras. One word; Baby powder. Just dip a cotton swab into the baby powder then run it across your eye lashes after you have applied a coat of mascara, then apply a second coat of mascara making the powder disappear – giving your lashes a much longer look.


  • maxresdefault.jpgWhat’s worse than applying mascara/ eyeliner to then see black marks above and below your eye, especially if you have naturally long eyelashes, now many people just use a wipe but I find it tricky to get right under your bottom lashes due to the size of a wipe, use cotton swaps! Dip the swap in warm water then wipe away! By doing this you can remove all the black marks around your eyes which are hard to get to.


  • My final beauty hack is one of my favourites, as I don’t usually like to have my nails just painted plain I like them to look fancy and unusual, however nail art isn’t my strongest talent…But all you need is two colours of nail varnish and a plaster! Yes, a plaster. After you paint your nails ensure that it is fully dry (Small tip – once painted your nails dip them in cold water this will instantly dry them also leaving a shiny look) then place the sticky part of the plaster over your nails and colour in with the second colour you chose, you will get an adorable, sassy polka-dot look!


  • 28-polka-dots-nail-art-design.jpgf2ead7f94b7d98316760bd3c4b19787b.jpg108927-Bow-Polka-Dot-Nails.jpg