The rise in ‘Lads’ and ‘girls’ holidays is rapidly increasing every year with more and more party teenagers going to places like Ayia Napa, Ibiza, Kavos, Magaluf and Malia, If you have never been then you don’t really know what to expect!

If you’re going on your first girls holiday there’s a lot you need to know! Drinks are relatively cheap, you can spend 10 euros and drink as much as you want for an hour in most bars. Promoters will be coming up to you offering you free entry to a bar/clubs, offering you free shots/ drinks if you come in. I would recommend you to not buy a wristband, they are well overpriced, most state that you get entry to different clubs each night, however a lot of reps walk around giving out free entry tickets to most clubs so instead of buying a 200 euro wristband you can get into most clubs free anyway! Emily Harris, 19, a Uni student from Sheffield explains, “When we arrived in Ayia Napa we were shown to our rooms by our reps and they persuaded us to buy a wristband for 150 euros, towards the end of the week we realised the only thing we got out of them was a couple of free drinks and t-shirts, I would advise you to not get persuaded by the reps as that is what they are paid to do!”.

Id advice you to not pay for breakfast in your hotel, as most mornings you will be too hung-over and miss it! So save your money and if you decide you want breakfast then there are many cafe’s selling a full English for around 4 euros. I’d recommend to try do as much as you can during the day, for example going to a water-park/ renting quads or even going to the beach and renting a paddle boat/ water skis, this makes your holiday 10x more memorable and a better experience for you and your friends! Chris Barlow, 22, from Leeds says, “I’d 100% hire our quads again, they were a lot better than getting taxis to the beach & water park, however you must wear the helmets provided! As we got fined 50 euros for not wearing ours”.