Before going to an interview I would research they organisation and find out as much as you can about the company, e.g looking at their website – This way you can be prepared for any questions they may ask.

Interview skills: 

  • Arrive on time, looking presentable and well dressed for the job role.
  • Be polite, follow the interviewer’s lead. Engage with the interviewers, smile/ make eye contact and answer questions that are asked.
  • Its important to be confident and sell yourself – However not too overconfident.
  • Be positive and stay calm.
  • Bring a pen/ notepad in case you need to write things down – This also makes you look well prepared
  • Prepare for typical interview questions.

Interview Formats: 

  • Q&A (one to one)
  • Q&A (panel)
  • Role play
  • Group interview
  • Workshop