Screen shot of my UCAS application:


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Personal Statement:

I always seem to take an interest in the running of projects – school plays were always
exciting to me, not because I wanted the lead part but because I could then help/ organise the
play. My passion and enthusiasm for organisation will always be important to me – All through
secondary school I thrived from running the netball team and helping plan the school fairs. I
am developing my passion as I face new experiences.

After secondary school I decided to take a media based course in college, In doing so I have
gained many skills that would benefit me as an events manager, such as, research skills, time
management, ability to creatively solve problems, creating and editing videos, critical
thinking. I have also gained software experiences such as Photoshop, InDesign and Muse.

Whilst educating myself about the degree programme at this University it made me realise that
this is what I want to master – I want to gain real-world experiences, I want a job which
requires me to challenge myself. I like to keep up to date with social media, this is
something I believe is vital for an events manager as most events are created and posted via
social media.

I feel I am confident, positive and self-motivated. In a task I enthusiastically take on the
role of being team leader but I am also willing to support others when they take the leading
role. I enjoy new experiences and consider myself to be a fast learner which illustrates my
potential value and commitment I will have to the course. If I could describe myself in 3
words they would be ambitious, active and motivated. Ambitious because I am willing to take
risks and like to think I expose myself to new ways of thinking. Active because I like to keep
myself busy, go out with friends, play sports and am active on social media. Motivated to do
the best I can possibly do to ensure the satisfaction of success. I manage to organise my time
effectively in order to balance college, work and time to spend with friends.

I currently work as a waitress in a desserts bar which includes the role of working on the
till, serving food, cleaning, interacting with customers and making food/ drinks. From this
job I am used to working in a fast paced, hands-on work environment and am able to remain calm
and professional when under pressure which I believe is necessary for the role of an events
manager. I am always willing and ready to do whatever it takes to ensure customer
expectations/ satisfaction are exceeded and always keep a positive attitude. I believe I am an
effective communicator; I am comfortable with communicating ideas. I am able to build
effective relationships with not only people I work with but also customers.

Since September I have been producing print and multi media content for the Sheffield Star as
part of my current college work. From doing this I have developed skills such as adapting
messages for different audiences, finding appropriate research, handling information,
evaluating and communicating information from a variety of print and non print sources.

In 2014 I volunteered at Seven Hills special school as a classroom assistant, I gained skills
in time management, organisation and verbal, written and instructional communication skills as
many of the pupils had learning difficulties which meant some found it difficult to speak/
write. During my time working at Seven Hills I assisted in setting up the Christmas fair &
Summer fair this made me realise my passion for organising.
Thank you for considering my application for this course.