In this review I will be evaluating how useful the academic & cultural research were and discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the sources and how it will help me in order to produce my specialist study report. I am going to evaluate and gather all my research from my investigation on marketing of fashion and beauty. The aim of my research is to test my hypothesis which is, marketing and representation of fashion has a detrimental effect on young people.

My hypothesis is that marketing and representation of fashion has a detrimental effect on young people.

I began with my academic research by looking at the book Fashion Marketing (Easey, 2009) The book covered many topics and was easy to read, I pulled out  quotes focusing on what marketing is, marketing plans and advertising. I believe this source was one of the most useful to me due to how well structured the book was making it easy to read and answered many of my questions I was focusing on. However the book did not cover social media and what impact social media has on marketing. Also the book was published in 2009 making it quite up-to-date. I found quotes that related to my specialist study topic and was able to find quotes I could refer back to. Overall I found the book to be informative, reliable and useful.

I then looked at another book, Marketing (Gray 2000) I found I wasted a lot of time flicking through pages and not finding anything reliable, the book proved unreliable to me. I think with the book being published in 2000, makes the source quite outdated which may be why I found it unreliable as my questions focus on more current topics such as social media.

Marketing Communications (Blythe 2000) I found this book useful as I found quotes in the book that explained how companies brand their products, and how important branding is such as the colour of a package. However I did find that a lot of the information seemed to be outdated and did spend more time reading stuff which was not related to my topic, but overall I did pull put two good quotes regarding branding which I found useful.

Has social media had a positive impact on the fashion industry (Danforth 2015) I used this article as my cultural source. The source is related to my specialist subject and covers the impact social media on the fashion industry which was very useful and reliable to me as I found most books covered very little/ nothing to do with social media. The source covered both negative and positive impacts social media has on the fashion industry which answered my question what Impact social media has had on the marketing of fashion and beauty and also what impact social media has on marketing in general. The article was published in 2015 making this source very up-to-date meaning I found out a lot from this article.

To conclude: I believe I found some very reliable sources which will help me in order to write my essay. I believe I have gathered enough information to be able to talk about my specialist subject in detail. Each of my sources I used are all relevant in some way making my review successful.