Before going to an interview I would research they organisation and find out as much as you can about the company, e.g looking at their website – This way you can be prepared for any questions they may ask.

Interview skills:

Arrive at least 10 minutes before this will give you 10 minutes to prepare yourself before the interview. Make sure you dress to impress, try find out the dress code as you want to look presentable and well dressed for the job role.
Be polite and friendly, you want the interviewee to like you so you need to make a good first impression. Follow the interviewees lead and engage with the interviewees, smile/ make eye contact and answer questions that are asked. Your posture body language and eye contact can say a lot about you confidence
It is important to be confident and sell yourself, however you don’t want to seem overly confident.
Make sure you research the company and find out everything you can this can be done by looking on the website/ talking to people you know at the company. Bring a pen and notepad in case you need to write things down and prepare some questions – This implies you are well prepared and interested.
Remain positive and stay calm!
What not to do at an interview:

Firstly – DO NOT arrive late! This will show that you are not punctual and that you are unprepared and not bothered about the job. Also don’t arrive stressed, your employer may get the wrong impression and you may not be able to focus making you uncomfortable. Your full attention is needed in an interview, which means no slouching, fidgeting, yawning, I would also suggest not to chew gum whilst in an interview or bring food.              I would suggest not to talk too much as the interviewer may think its a sign of nervousness. Try not to be dishonest, you may be asked to back the information up.

Interview Formats:

Q&A (one to one)
Q&A (panel)
Role play
Group interview
Self promotion research: