My title for this essay is ‘An investigation on marketing of fashion and beauty’. I hypothesise that the  marketing of fashion and beauty has changed due to the rise in social media and digitisation generally.

 In order to test my hypothesis I used both academic and cultural sources to research, I also used primary research to conduct my findings. I made sure I considered the target audience as an important factor throughout. 

Marketing involves many different processes, it includes focusing on factors which will help sell the product. “Marketing is a management process concerned with anticipating, identifying and satisfying customer needs.” (Easey, 2009, Page 5) This quote by Easey sums up what marketing is, which tells us marketing is about satisfying the customer needs, which would then focus on selling the product. In order to create a successful brand business suggests that “Marketing has less to do with getting customers to pay for your product as it does developing a demand for that product and fulfilling the customer’s needs.” Companies are creating products not to put on the market straight away, they advertise their products via social media, TV adverts and newspapers in order to develop a demand for their products, therefore when they launch what they are selling customers know about the product and have been waiting for it to launch and therefore want the product making the product popular. 

Price, Product, Promotion and Place are very important factors for a company to consider in order to meet their consumer’s needs. BBC bite-size states that “Firms modify each element in the marketing mix to establish an overall brand image and unique selling point that makes their products stand out from the competition” An exclusive brand of shoes comes at a high price but uses the best materials to make the product – such designer brands can only be bought exclusively online or at exclusive stores and can be promoted using major celebrities to develop a higher demand for the product most of these exclusive shoes have a limited amount, meaning there are only so many of the shoes made which is their unique selling point. Whereas Cheaper shoes for the mass market are best sold in many sport shops/ supermarkets and are promoted using TV adverts and their unique selling point is the price.

21st century marketing techniques include traditional methods like social media and the internet. Companies such as Zara use more methods like TV adverts and social media around times such as Christmas/ Valentines day, they promote their brand in different and more ways. I found out that advertising is an important part of marketing, according to Easey “The key therefore to an advertising campaign is buying the right media to show the right as to the right person a the right time.” (2009, Page 97) Companies like Zara use an event like Christmas to promote their brand in order to sell products, they offer deals to grab the customers attention. Marketing of the brand has enabled Zara to promote their brand everywhere, due to the amount of people using social media these days.

Magazines can be advertised to suit different audiences, Easey goes on to say that “Advertising in magazines is by far the most effective method of above the line advertising, as it can be fine-tuned to the target market of the magazine.” (2009, Page 224) Magazines such as cosmopolitan use young models, bright and vibrant colours and language to best suit the target audience of young females, whereas a magazine like MORE will be more likely to use older women as models and use colours and language to best suit the target audience of elder women.

Due to the social media marketing rise the fashion industry has faced a significant impact. Danforth suggests that “Social media has provided a complete revolution in the way that the fashion industry operates.” (2015, The rise in the use of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram impacts the fashion industry as the competition in companies advertising gets more and more difficult as more and more people use social media. Companies use famous icons such as Kim Kardashian to promote their brand, they care more about how big a celebrity is and how many followers/ fan base they have than what the celebrity is actually good for, this proves how much marketing has changed due to the rise in social media.

Social media, fashion companies and shops can get feedback and respond to customers via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Danforth explains “Social media has completely changed almost every facet of modern living” (2015, You can pretty much do anything on social media, for companies this can enable them to give customers what they want. However the demand social media has created can cause companies to be controlled by the audience. For example if on social media there is a high demand for a company to use a different model, they will change the model to satisfy what the customer wants, proving the audience control and choose what they want all through social media.

The competition between different companies is making it hard for many brands to sell as there are so many of the same things on the internet. “The internet is now so crowded that the best way to scramble to the top in order to get your content seen and liked is really no dissimilar to a traditional way of networking.” (2015, The internet has so many of the same things making it hard for companies to sell their product due to the many competitions out there, however making it even better for customers as there is so many of the same products at different prices making it easy to find the perfect one for them.


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