A webzine is usually aimed at a specific target audience. My target audience for my webzine is teenagers aged 17-26. My themes will be fashion, beauty and travel. I intend for my webzine to have an inspirational effect on the audience, I hope the audience learn from my blogs and overall enjoy reading them. I am going to make my webzine on this is tap, I think this is tap is a really easy website to use for myself due to the basic features I also chose to use this is tap with my audience in mind, as the website is not complicated and so the audience can read my blogs easily without any complication.

From doing research about webzines I have learnt that all the small factors that make a webzine are really important, such as the logo, navigation and favicon – these all make a webzine more interactive for the user. Webzines are used a lot more than print magazines nowadays due to webzines being cheaper, regularly updated and eco friendly, so making the webzine look good to the user is vital. After research I have noticed that a lot more younger people tend to use webzines more – so when creating my webzine I will make sure it appeals to a younger target audience.

When creating the logo for my webzine, I want it to stand out yet look simple and effective. After looking through other logos like Apple I found out that the logo has a hidden message behind it. I want my logo to be remembered so therefore I might use bright colours or make it bigger than most logos.

A lot of people complain that webzines are difficult and confusing to use, In order to prevent this from happening I will make my webzine neat and clear and not overcrowd it with too much writing or pictures. I will make it easy to navigate so the users can make their way around the webzine efficiently and overall enjoy it.