My themes are fashion, beauty and travel, I want my blogs to include fashion trends, beauty tips and hacks and the overall theme of travel and summer. My target audience is mainly teenage females aged 16-24.

I have come up with many name ideas for my website which include:

  • Bliss
  • Marshmallow
  • Starstruck
  • Pink Candy
  • Sugar Glow

I received opinions from my classmates on the names  chose; Liam said “I think Starstruck stands out to me the most, its funky and would be a nice name for a website”

Holly and Stacey both agreed that Marshmallow was the best name they mentioned “For a fashion and beauty magazine this name sounds cute and draws the readers attention”

Personally the names I liked most were Sugar Glow and Marshmallow and after receiving the feedback from Holly and Stacey I settled on Marshmallow, I think the name is quirky and would appeal to my target audience of females aged 16-24.




Before getting to the final product I tested out many different themes to see which I liked best and also which best suited my articles. I then added different widgets so I could see the ones that best fitted in the webzine. As my webzine is targeted at a young audience, I need to make sure it is easy to use – in order to do this I only had one menu bar which featured my articles so that the users would be able to find my articles easily. I added a hover tool which made a purple box appear around the ‘articles’ tab when the mouse went over it, making it look like this:


I then found a theme I thought looked best for my final webzine. It was a simple modern looking theme which I believe will appeal to my target audience. I added a back ground picture of a night sky -which you can see on the picture above. I thought the stars were calm and relaxing, with the colours making it vibrant and eye catching. I experimented with different fonts and decided I wanted a simple and bold font.


I looked at the composition of the navigation bar seeing whether it best fitted at the middle, left or right – I decided to have the navigation bar to the left as I found it looked neat with it being just above the title.


I added my social media interaction bar to the right of my website making it opposite to my navigation bar. I could either choose to display them as buttons that you press and open or have them already visible on the homepage.  I decided to have them already visible on the homepage because it would make it easier for the users plus it looked neat and tidy.

My final website: