This is my finished product. I have stuck to a simple colour scheme which I think makes the website look more professional. I added a vibrant and eye catching background picture of a warm glowing night sky filled with bright white stars which then draw you to title of my articles as they are bold and white. I think it is vital to have the content at the top so that the audience get a taster of what the content is going to be like in the webzine. I made the colour of my tool bar a brighter pink as I thought it would appeal more to the target audience of teenage girls aged 16-24 – I also thought it would make the page eye catching and lively.

I asked Liam Rodgerson (19) a journalist student what he thought, he said “I love the background picture, the colours are striking. I think that this makes you wonder what you’re going to read. I like the social media tool bare because its modern. I would add some pictures though to make it more interesting”.

When researching I found out that a lot of people don’t like webzines was because they found them complicated and hard to read, I think that I made my webzine very easy to use and I didn’t overcrowd the page. I included a navigation bar so that users could easily use my site without getting lost as they can always press the ‘home’ button to get them back to the home screen.

Throughout the project my work/ ideas were constantly changing. I was coming up with ideas and wanting to use them, then coming up with even better idea and then wanting to use that idea instead. My ideas have developed due to research findings, looking at blogs online, looking at websites online and overall feedback from classmates/ teachers.

I looked at many artists/ cultures which really helped and inspired me throughout my production. For example when I was looking at logos I wanted a meaning behind mine, I used Apple as an example and they inspired me with the meaning behind their logo.

Throughout production I have developed many a skills such as how to actually use this is tap, as I’d never used the website before. I have gained skills in producing a website and coming up with unique and different ideas. I think the products meets its target audience of females aged 17-26, The design is very easy to use, it’s simple making it convenient for the targeted audience.