The Sheffield College 

Natasha Kirkpatrick

Journalism and social media communications 


I will be producing a website which will include news articles, media packages, photojournalism and interviews. The content I will produce covers a range of different topics that will be targeted to an audience of 16-25 year olds, most of my content will be based around lifestyle. Throughout the 12 units I have gained many skills which will help me when producing my website, these include; writing articles suitable for different audiences, time management, using software such as InDesign, Photoshop.  I also have experience with using IMovie and muse which will help me when creating my FMP. Here is a link to previous written feature articles I have produced:

I have also gained skills from participating and conducting interviews. I have learnt how to use professional cameras and recording equipment. I can now put all my skills and knowledge I have previously learnt into making my FMP the best it can possibly be. I chose a journalistic pathway as I have a passion for writing in different styles and for different audiences.

Project Concept:

In order to complete my project I aim to produce nine pieces of multimedia content which will then be uploaded to a presentation website which will function as a digital portfolio. I have decided to use word press to produce my website on as I have been using word press for the last 2 years, and I think it will be a great way to present my work – as it is a popular website used by many. In previous work I researched and compared different website platforms such as Muse and Word press. This is a link of my work when I planned and developed my own website using this is tap and word press  –

I will be writing a production diary and an action plan in order to note down what I have produced so far and what I then need to do. My target audience will be 16-25 year olds, which means all the content I produce will be aimed to interest them – I will also be writing in a style aimed for my target audience.

I plan to write about fashion, makeup, travel and topics mostly related to lifestyle, I find these topics are what I enjoy writing about, I created articles and media packages during unit 10 on mainly lifestyle themed topics an example of this is in the link below:

In order to create my digital portfolio I will need resources such as cameras, a zoom mic, computers for editing audio and designing my website and for research. For my multimedia package I will need to take images and videos and also conduct professional interviews. I will source stories by carrying out online research and finding out information via social media/ websites and blogs. The unit 12 specialist study I completed will impact me when writing my FMP as I learnt a lot about carrying out research using primary and secondary research and it taught me how to reference properly which is vital when completing my FMP. I also need to think of all the ethical issues whilst completing my FMP, such as using content only produced by me and getting permission to use pictures/ quotes from people I may interview.


Throughout my project I will be keeping a production diary, which will be well organised and every entry I make will be dated, by keeping my diary dated it allows me to see what I have produced and what I then need to produce/plan next. Keeping it dated also helps me manage my time effectively, it will enable me to reflect and look back on the content I produce  from start to finish. In my diary I aim to include my plans, achievements, problems and feedback. Keeping my diary constantly updated is vital as it allows me to keep track of what needs to be done before the final deadline. I aim for my diary to reflect, review and summarise my progress and problems I face.

 Action plan/ Timetable:

In order to keep on track with my FMP I created a timetable to ensure I’m organised throughout the project:












I also have experience with using IMovie and muse which will help me when creating