The amount of underage teenagers being able to access/ buy an ID and then use it to go down is increasing and this is putting teenagers at so many risks they may be unaware of themselves. If you use an ID which isn’t you and you get caught, the police can treat it as identification fraud – which isn’t something you want to have on your record when applying for future jobs.

Courtney Emson (17) is a sixth form student from Sheffield who started going down town when she was just 16 years old. Courtney claims to have bought a fake ID from a friend who was selling it via Snapchat – which is a popular social media app used by many youngsters and has 166 million daily active users.

Courtney bought her ID for £30 – which is fairly cheap, some teens will pay up to £70 for an ID.

“IDs are so easy to get your hands on, people my age find them and then sell them on if the picture doesn’t look like yourself or anyone you know. When people turn 18 they then sell down their fake ID which they no longer need its just an on-going cycle.” Courtney replied when asked how easy it was to get a false ID.

We ask ourselves how do the bouncers/ door security let them in? Surely the youths don’t look old enough let alone getting in with a picture that looks nothing like them.

“Its so easy to get away with, when I was 16 I was using an ID that said I was 23 and not one bouncer ever questioned me, I think it depends which clubs you go to though. It is hard for me when most of my friends are 18 and going to town, I feel left out, I want to be with them having fun.”

Courtney recently learnt the risks of using an ID which isn’t you, when she got caught out by a bouncer.

“I handed my ID to the bouncer and he said this isn’t you, I didn’t know what to do or say I just froze he took my ID off me and handed me with a slip. I then had to get home by myself as my friends had left me to go into the club.”

The bouncer issued Courtney with a slip which is pictured below:



The slip directs you to which then teaches you about the risks of using a false ID. In some cases, if you are caught using someone’s ID without consent it can be treated at a stolen identity and you can get 6 months imprisonment.

“I didn’t know how much of a risk I was taking when using a false ID, now I will definitely wait until my 18th.”

Below shows the ID Courtney used and got away with and a picture of Courtney dolled up ready to hit the town: