Saturday night down town can be mayhem, with thousands of drunk teens let loose in the city centre you can’t predict what the night has in store. Many parents are unaware that their child goes to nightclubs, especially when they are not legally allowed to enter the nightclub, let alone buy and consume alchohol. But with fake ID’s becoming easier for youngsters to get their hands on, this is causing more and more problems down town.

Mo Ali, 29,  is a bouncer at tank – Sheffield’s only underground house nightclub. He claims to have seen everything from, fights to people as young as 16 overdosed on drugs and even someone being stabbed. The job is risky and in some cases life threatening – not everyone has what it takes to be a bouncer.

“I don’t think people realise how scary the job can be, i’ve had people attacking me, shouting things at me and throwing things at me – the job can be really draining and can test your patience. However I love my job, the people I work with and I’ve met so many cool people”. Said Mo when asked if he enjoyed his job.

Mo has only been a bouncer at tank for 5 months, before this he was a bouncer at The Viper Rooms which is another night club in Sheffield.

When asked about the scariest moment on the job, Mo replied: “My scariest night working as a bouncer was when I got attacked, being a bouncer means you can be dealing with dangerous people – it was around 5am and I’d just finished my shift at tank I was walking to my car when I heard a group of lads shouting behind me calling me racist names, I remember being punched to the back of my head and falling to the floor whilst 3 lads kicked me before running off.”

“I wasn’t badly injured infact I was barely hurt – it was just the utter shock and realisation of how scary town can be at night.”

The three boys that attacked Mo were never caught. Teenagers need to be aware of the risks they face when getting ready for a night out, and to know what to do if something bad happens.

I asked Mo to tell me his top tips on staying safe down town for teenagers, Mo said “My first tip is to always stay together – never leave one of your friends to go home on their own, or if they need to make sure they are in a taxi and get them to ring/ text you when they’re home. Always keep your drink in your hand and never accept drinks from strangers, ive dealt with young girls getting spiked and it is not a state you want to be in. Also always make sure you have enough money to get home, keep £10 hid in your bag for the end of the night.”