“This was among the worst terrorist incidents we have ever experienced in the UK.”

On the 22nd of may a terrifying suicide bomb attack took place at the Ariana Grande concert where 22 parents, children and teenagers lost their lives and 119 were injured. Many people were left traumatised and helpless, however with the help of social media the UK came together to help those in need. The hash tag #roomformanchester immediately started trending on twitter as the news of the attack got out and hundreds of people were offering places to stay and shelter for those affected in the attack as many couldn’t get home and were stranded in Manchester.


Taxi drivers were offering free lifts to those who needed to get home. Many children were missing due to being split up from their parents as the explosion happened. Friends and family members shared pictures of their missing loved ones via social media desperately trying to see if anyone had seen them or knew their whereabouts. Some children were kept safe in cafes, shops and holiday and premier inns waiting to be reunited with their parents – The numbers of places keeping children safe were repeatedly posted around social media –



Josephine Smith, 54, a social worker from Manchester was at the concert with her daughter and friend both aged 16.

“It was terrifying. We were nowhere near the attack but we were still inside the concert when it happened. As soon as word got out that it was a bomb it was just chaos, everyone was running around panicking scared for their lives. I made sure my daughter and her friend were by my side and we tried to stay calm, I saw that a girl was by herself, she was crying and shouting for her mum, I told her to come with us to safety. When we were out the arena we went to the premier inn which was packed with stranded families and lost teenagers on their own. Luckily the girl with us got in contact with her mum and was reunited.”

A homeless man appeared on ITV news after the bombing took place. The man spoke about pulling nails out of young children’s arms/ faces. The man was labelled a hero, and due to his kind and selfless support – Many people wanted to raise money for the homeless man to help him like he helped the victims of the attack. The target was £300 and amazingly in 2 weeks over £45.000 was raised for the man.