Life is too short not to explore the world. Why not travel – See things you never imagined, meet people and cultures from all over the world and make memories you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Firstly I’d start by planning a route, planning your journey can help you to know what to take and how much money you’ll be needing, unless you’re a go-with-the flow kind of person and will happily end up anywhere in the world.

Katie Simpkins (29) a travel agent for Thomas Cook spends her days looking for the best holidays to suit her clients. From backpacking around the world for 2 years and being a travel agent for 5 years, Katie claims to know a lot about travelling and the best places to go – depending on what you’re wanting to do/ see.

When asked questions on the best places to travel, Katie said: “The cities of Europe are amazing to visit places like Rome, Paris, Krakow, St Petersburg, Berlin and Venice – However they are very pricey”.

“If you’re wanting to see culture I’d advise going to places such as India, Ghana, Bolivia/ Philippines”. “If you’re wanting to visit centres of the world and learn about religion I’d advise places like Rome, Israel, Punjab/ Varanasi in India”. “The best beaches are in places such as Jamaica, Cuba, Thailand and Australia.”

Before you go backpacking you need to give consideration to important things such as insurance, making sure you have insurance that will cover you in the places you’re traveling to and will last the length of time you’re away. You need to sort your plane tickets out and either get a round the world ticket, which means date changes are normally free or pretty cheap, however you are usually limited to 12 months to complete your travels. Or you can book separate tickets yourself which means there is no need to plan in advance, this also gives you a huge amount of freedom, however will require more time and planning and will likely end up costing you more money.

Rosa de Julia (24) is a Spanish exchange student who recently finished her uni degree  and decided to go travelling. Rosa is currently living in a jungle hut in Thailand, and has spent the past 1 year and 3 months backpacking around the world. If you are planning to travel for a long time it is vital you know what you need to take.

Rosa mentions: “Well, I made the mistake of over packing – you really don’t need much when travelling. Deffo travel light as you want to carry as little as you can –  plus you can always buy stuff along the way!”

“If you have something to keep you warm, a waterproof, a light/ compact umbrella, a hat, sun cream and a medical kit you should be fine!”

“For footwear I’d advise you to just take a pair of trainers and flip-flops – that’s all I’ve needed, I guess it depends where you’re traveling too though.”