If you’re young and love to party – where better to spend your summer holiday than Ayia Napa! Words can’t even describe the madness of Napa. It is one of the biggest party islands in Europe with so much going on. The night life is infamous and there is so much to do!

If this is your first time going to Napa or any party resort you really don’t know what to expect and there’s a lot you need to know!

Holly Brook (20) from Doncaster worked in Ayia Napa last year as a rep – This year she is heading back to work in a bar for the whole summer.

“I mean there is so much to do out there – I’d 100% recommend going to the Kandi beach party – it’s mad. You can go to foam/paint/ boat parties or you could just chill out and have cocktails in quirky bars. Nightclubs are open until 7am there is literally always something to do. There are so many day activities too such as visiting the waterpark, taking strolls to the beach and even cliff jumping. If you really want to explore Ayia Napa you can rent quads, just make sure you wear the helmet otherwise the local police can give you a pricey fine.”

“Knowing how much money you will need is important! Drinks are very cheap, you can spend 10 euros and drink as much as you want for an hour in most bars. Entry to clubs is usually around 5 euros or free. Or you can buy wristbands which give you an event every night and free entry to most clubs however these can be pricey and seem pointless. I’d recommend taking around 300-400 euros with you”. Holly said when asked how much money you would need for the week.

Holly suggested that you should always eat out rather than your hotel – she said:

“Paying for breakfast in your hotel is a bad idea as most of the time you’ll just be going to sleep when breakfast starts, or too hung-over and miss it! There’s plenty of cafes serving breakfast all day which are cheap too. I would also advise you to eat out instead of your hotel as it gives you more variety and gives you time to explore Ayia Napa!”.

Telling your parents you’re going on a holiday to Ayia Napa isn’t the easiest of things – Be prepared for an influx of questions; how are you going to afford it? Who are you going with? The most important thing is to reassure them you’ll stay safe and text them everyday.

Julie Raynolds (55) a primary school teacher from Sheffield is letting her daughter go to Ayia Napa this summer.

“It is her first holiday by herself and I am worried, however I trust her and I trust that all the girls going will look after each other. I know she will be sensible and she has promised to text/ call me everyday.”